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Repeat Offender - The in no way inferior sequel to the first anthology of radio broadcasts, Why The Long Face?
The review below just about covers this one too.
Why The Long Face? The first in a series of two.
"This really is a great, entertaining rattle of a read. Short chapters come in, make their point and are away again almost while you're still nodding your head in approval. For those who remember the lighthearted barbs of the original Cassandra in the Daily Mirror, Bryer is a worthy heir."  Shane Kirk


None of your Business - a novel.
Johnson soon found out that the corporate world involved itself with many things that didn’t have anything much to do with work at all. Things like company ‘fun’ days, outward bound team building events, psychometric testing, diversity audits, motivational tools and other bullshit. None of your Business is a comic novel which features a rich cast of incompetents, bullies, oddballs and idiots whose influence leads to Johnson becoming increasingly unhinged and reckless. As disillusion takes a grip, Johnson’s thoughts turn to revenge.
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