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I always enjoy your writing. It's an injustice that you don't have a weekly column in one of the nationals. 

Writer, Terence Dackombe of TV's Spitting Image, radio's The News Huddlines, Weekending, and many more.  

The charm of these vignettes is Philip Bryer's ability to quickly extract interest from the mundane and then to distil a major event such as life-saving chest surgery down to the bare facts. This book will not change your life but it should make you appreciate it more readily. James Partridge

Super book - well worth the read. Graham Davey


Great characterisation, neat plot, nice twist and some truly hilarious moments. Look forward to his next offering. Nyman Dixon


This book should be on everyone's holiday reading list. Liz O'Donnell


Buy the book and make your own mind up. DJ Neale Foulger


A Panama-wielding misanthrope, three parts W.C. Fields to one part W.G Grace. He'd be nothing without us. DJ Shane Kirk


Are you going to be up there typing all night? Sandra Bryer








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