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One More Time!

I have been thinking about records where the band leader hands out instructions to the musicians. Here are a few of my favourites:

John Mayall’s Without Her at 3:20.

Counting them out with “1, 2, 3, 4, stop.”

Dr Feelgood’s Down at the Doctors at 50 seconds.

Sadly, Lee Brilleaux’s request for “Eight bars of pianner” to be dubbed on later was ignored.

The Mavericks’ mighty Come Unto Me at 4:20.

Raul Malo wraps it up with a commanding “And stop.”

More Mavericks, with a hat-trick from Malo on Lies – see if you can spot them.

Jerry Lee Lewis storming along on Rockin’ My Life Away and delivering possibly my favourite of all, when he instructs guitar legend James Burton at 1:35 to “Hit it,” and JB obliges. Oh, does he ever.

Jerry Lee also decides he needs a bit more at 2:56.

Finally, let’s leave it to Carly Simon to bring down the curtain:

How about you? Share your favourites here and I’ll add them to my in-no-way exhaustive list. You can also post them on Twitter, with the tag #onemoretime

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